How to add the app to your iPhone home screen

Adding an app button on your iPhone home screen.

Kosta Panagoulias
Written by Kosta PanagouliasLast update 1 month ago

You can use the Jobtable web app just like a native app on your iPhone.

Your iPhone home screen is not only for apps. You can add the Jobtable Progressive Web App (PWA) to your home screen for easy access, so you can start using Jobtable just like an app!

FYI - you can add website buttons to the home screen with Safari. Other browsers like Google Chrome or Brave, will not work.

  1. Open Safari, and login to your app dashboard on

  2. Once on your Dashboard, tap the share button (up arrow within a square) in the toolbar.

  3. Scroll down and click on Add to Home Screen

  1. Next, you can edit the name of the shortcut if you'd like, and click Add. The button will now appear on your phone for easy access.

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