How to create a quote

Creating quotes information.

Kosta Panagoulias
Written by Kosta PanagouliasLast update 11 months ago

To create a new Quotation, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Quotations" from the Dashboard.

  2. Click the "+ New Quote" button.

  3. Start by clicking "Client Info" and adding your client's information (the client information will be saved for future use).

  4. Then click "Job Info" to add the job details for the client.

  5. Now click "Add Line Item" to start adding your line items (You can also save frequently used line items for future use).

  6. When you're done adding your line items, you can add a discount, or add your tax rate.

  7. When you're all set, click "Save & Proceed". You will then be able to see a live preview of the PDF quotation that will be sent to your client.

  8. If everything looks good, click on the "More" button on the top right, and either, 1) Approve the quotation manually, or 2) send it to the client for their approval.

That's it! Once the quote is approved, you can manage the project in the "Jobs" section.

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