How to get your passcode for Gmail

Getting your passcode in Gmail.

Kosta Panagoulias
Written by Kosta PanagouliasLast update 1 month ago

By following these steps, any email sent through Jobtable, will be sent directly through your Gmail account.

For example, if you create and send an invoice to a client through Jobtable, you will be able to see that email in your "Sent" folder in your Gmail.

This will give you more transparency and control over your communication with clients.

Here are instructions:

  1. Login to your Google Account

  2. Click on "Security" from the left menu (or follow this URL):

  3. Under "How to sign in to Google", make sure your 2FA is turned on

  1. Follow this URL to go into the "App passwords" area (you might be prompted to login again):

  2. To create a new app password, type "Jobtable" in the "App name" field and click "Create"

  1. You will then see a popup with a password. Copy the password, and enter it in Jobtable along with your email address:

  1. After clicking "Submit", you should see a success confirmation, and you're all set!

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